Tips for DIY Darlings

Removing Folds before cutting and sewing- i.e. can I iron my pattern?
If your pattern has folds or wrinkles from being shipped, you can iron the pattern on a very low/cool setting. The iron won’t affect the print quality, but if it’s too hot it can melt the fabric itself since the fabric is synthetic. To be safe or if you need a hotter setting to get the wrinkles out, place a piece of clean paper over where you are ironing and that should protect it.

Stitch Length- Keep the stitch length on your sewing machine very short so the stitches are close together. Because stuffing a toy well puts strain on the stitching, wide apart stitching can burst.

Cutting the Pattern- Sharp scissors of any kind are fine, but a rotary cutter will make quick work of cutting your pattern pieces!

Stuffing- An old bristle brush is fantastic for stuffing your doll with. The fibres of the stuffing get caught and held on the bristles to easily push it into the smaller parts of the doll. Always push small amounts of stuffing into the smallest corners of the doll first before putting large amounts of stuffing in the larger areas.

Watch a DIY Darling get made from start to finish and learn lots of tips and tricks

Below are some of our other favourite videos and tutorials from around the internet to help you sew your DIY Darling perfectly!

Lots of great mixed tips and tricks

Ladder Stitching Tutorials

This is the stitch you will need to use to sew some DIY Darlings closed, or sew the heads onto others.



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